Tuesday, February 1

Tickle Me Turquoise

I recently accepted a job where I get to work from home. Yay! My parents gave me this armoire that is actually a computer desk armoire.

Since I need to fit a home office in my one bedroom apartment and still have room for my husband this was perfect. And I can simply close the doors at the end of the day and I don't have to stare at my work while eating dinner.

All it needed was a splash of turquoise.

Topped off with some chocolate brown glaze. Voila! Home office complete!

If you want to do-it-yourself only a few items are needed:

1. Paint - Norway Aqua by ColorPlace (Wal-Mart, $10)

2. Glaze - Chocolate Brown by Valspar (Lowes, $17)

3. Paintbrush

4. Dishcloth

5. Something to paint

This is a very simple project. You don't have to have a lot of experience. Glaze is ever so easy and it gives any item that aged vintage finish we're all looking for. You simple apply it with a brush and wipe it off. If you are painting it on a flat surface like I did, then you do have to pay close attention to your brush strokes. Be sure to keep them even and going in the same direction. Also, a little goes a long way.

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