Tuesday, February 8

Crushing on a Lamp

Since my husband stole me away from my single life a year and half ago my only crushes (besides the one I have on my hubs) have been on home decor. I'd like to introduce you to my current crush.

Don't mind her she's just being Modest. ;)

I found her at the flea market and I basically stole her from the seller. It was the end of the day  and the seller dropped the price 40%.
Here's a negotiating tip and something to keep in mind when buying old lamps. First, ask what the price is and then always ask if the lamp works. The seller knows that it's risky for you to purchase the lamp if it doesn't work. They will almost always drop the price for you to take some of the risk out of the purchase. Also, always, Always, ALWAYS go at the end of the day on the last day. 30 minutes before they close is best. Use 20 minutes to scout out the items you want and then return to buy when there's about 10 to 5 minutes left. You will get the best price possible this way. Sellers at flea markets want to sell and they will drop their prices dramatically at the end of the day.

I liked that this old lamp had interesting glass, was in good shape, had little crystals drizzled about the leafy bobeche, and it came with a lamp shade.

So, I headed to Joann Fabrics to get inspired by some fabric for the shade. I found this floral pattern. It's something I've had my eye on for a while and this was the perfect project for it. Plus, I already have coordinating paint.

I painted all the brass parts of the lamp Norway Aqua by ColorPlace. The same color I painted my Armoire.

Then I wrapped the fabric around the shade which was a little tricky because the bottom of the shade was wider than the top. I did a little manipulating and secured it to the shade with hot glue. Also, I added a grey ribbon for trim on the top and the bottom.

Ooh La La!

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