Thursday, February 3

Chandeliers Make Me Weak in the Knees

I dedicate this song to Chandeliers everywhere.

Weak by SWV at Jango {You must play this song. It will take you back to 1993}
I get so weak in the knees I can hardly speak.
I lose all control and something takes over me.
In a daze, your love's so amazing, it's not a phase.
I want you to stay with me, by my side.
I swallow my pride, your love is so sweet.
It knocks me right off of my feet.
I can't explain why your loving makes me weak.

Seriously, I love chandeliers and I'm not talking about the ones hanging high in expensive hotels. I'm talking about the ones lying low in the dirt at the flea market covered in brass. I lose all control and something takes over me. I have to buy it!

Recently, I found two! So I bought them both.

I really wish I would've taken a before picture but I was so excited about painting them that I completely forgot... :( Basically, it was old and very brass. Google Brass Chandelier and you can see many examples.

I'm not a fan of brass so I did a little painting and  a little drizzling to make them look like this.

And now one is hanging in my bedroom.

How to do-it-yourself:

Materials Needed: spray primer, spray paint, gems/crystals, clear string, crimp beads, and fabric

1. Clean it off.

2. Remove the candle sleeves and wrap the electrical bit in painters tape to protect.

3. Prime it.

4. Paint it.

5. Let it dry 24 hours.

6. String your gems/crystals in any pattern you desire.

{I found mine at Michaels in the floral section next to those colorful glass beads you put in vases. However, there are many websites that sell chandelier accessories and next time I will probably shop online for mine because there are many fun things you can do to embellish your chandelier like adding a bobesche}

7. Wrap  end of stringed gems/crystals around arm of chandelier, string crimp bead and crimp in place. Be sure to pull the string tight and close to the arm.

8. Sew 3" of fabric for cord cover. Hem the ends of the tube first and then pin inside out and sew 1/2 in" hem along the side. Turn inside out and feed cord through your new cord cover. If you don't sew, don't worry. You can spray paint the chain by wrapping the cord in painters tape and then spray painting the chain to match.

9. Get weak in the knees over your very sparkly and pretty Chandelier.

Now the hard part is hanging it and YES I did hang it myself after some reasearch on how to install a light fixture.

This is a how-to video by on how to install a chandelier.

If you're going to be working with an old  chandelier like mine be sure to know which wire is the black, red and ground wire. Also, if yours didn't come with everything you need to install, I found a screw collar loop kit at Lowes for $4.

ENJOY the fixture and the song!

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