Monday, February 7

Painter's Block Mirror

You know that scene in the movie He's Just Not That Into You where Jennifer Connelly finds her husbands cigarettes? He had been lying to her about smoking again on top of cheating on her. She finally flips out and I'm sure most of us were thinking, Finally! She's mad! It's about time! And we start to cheer her on as she starts cursing and throwing his clothes down the stairs. Well, there's a beautiful ornate white mirror hanging on an exposed brick wall that she grabs and slams on the ground. It bursts into a million pieces and she heads down the hall sobbing to fetch the broom immediately to clean up the mess.

Well, I love that scene and that mirror. I've wanted one like it since I first saw the movie 2 years ago. I finally found one in a second-hand furniture shop a week ago and it was only $20. My husband bought it for me as an early Valentines Day gift.

As you can see it is very gold which I am no fan. However, it seems that if you are shopping second-hand and you want something beautiful and ornate in design you will usually find it in gold or brass. Who cares? You can paint it any color you like! I did. I painted it several colors and I'm still experiencing painter's block.

First, I primed it.

Then I painted it this pale aqua color.

It wasn't what I wanted so I decided to white wash it which is just watered down white paint.

Still not happy with the results even though I enjoyed the white washing technique. It looked too beachy for my taste. So, I painted it this dark blue-green color and distressed it a bit.

I like it but I'm still unsure if this was the color I really wanted. I'm going to sleep on it and see if my painter's block lifts in the morning.


  1. What color wall are you gonna put it on? I am a fan of all the colors that you chose, but this could look really classic in black with a clear lacquered finish. Just sayin :)

  2. If it was going in my bedroom it would definitely be black but it's going in the living room... colors: turquoise, light green, and brown. The walls are a very light yellow almost tan. JR says to paint it white... I'm thinking that's a good idea and maybe distress it so this color shines through a little. Or maybe green under the white. Thoughts?

  3. It may be a little girlish, but what about a pale pink or rose of some sort? Is that too Victorian? I know you have some pink acents in your living room and since it was your V-day, perhaps????

    Melissa M.

  4. I'd say go for the white, it's what I went for with an old gold mirror I found and it looks lovely, sort of French Chabby Chic.

  5. Well, the morning has come and the mirror is still staring at me. I'm leaning towards white.