Friday, October 28

Almost Navy & Vintage Gold Side Table

My husband found this table abandoned next to a dumpster. It was in good condition and it had great curves so he brought it home to me. I sanded it down and originally started to paint it grey but after the first coat I didn't like how the grey was turning out. I found this deep blue green paint that reminds me of navy blue but is too green to be navy. It's Valspar's Farimont Penthouse Mosaic Blue.

The original finish on the top was a sandy orange stain and I liked how the tone looked with the blue. However, the top of the table had a lot of dents and scratches in it and I would've had to put a lot of elbow grease in it to sand it out. So I decided to paint it Vintage Gold Metallic by Martha Stewart. 

I put 2 coats on the top and then distressed the edges. I buffed the whole top with a fine sanding block and it created an aged look. As if I had glazed it. 

I liked the effect so I left it.

I'm going to be working on a kitchen island soon. We're moving into a house and it comes with a really awful kitchen island that the last tenants left. The landlord says I can do whatever I like with it, so I've been pinning for inspirations. I'll post pics when it's all done.


  1. Awesome!! This turned out beautifully!! I'd call the color you used - petrol, a very on-trend color in Australia right now!!
    Great job!

  2. Thanks Courtney! Petrol? Good to know.